Folding on tags

Tags are a cool feature and one of the characteristics of bear. But they are obtrusive. I never liked them integrated with my text so typically I add them in after the H1 header all by themselves before I start the body. I would like it if I could make tags fold and disappear without adding content I don’t need or want.

I asked about this is the context of using tags in Footnotes and folded lines and the answer is they should work as they do now in both cases—for me foot notes look to be a good way to use them while keeping them out of the text.


I’m going to guess on this one, but I believe tags are inline to the document because they are a part of the markdown note. In other words, tags are not attributes attached to the markdown note itself, so they have to work within the way markdown text can be manipulated.

For example, Evernote allows for tags outside the note and the text for those tags don’t exist inside the note. I’m guessing since Bear is a Markdown first editor, this means that everything about the note lives inside the note itself, similar to how YAML Frontmatter is also inline within the note at the very beginning. This is also similar to how Obsidian renders markdown files.

I hope that helps.

When I’m journaling and I get an idea, I put #idea in that paragraph.
If I’m taking notes and come across a concept that I want to dive deeper into I add #research
If I come across a book that I need to buy I add #buy
If all these tags go off to a common place, this will make it much harder to find the context.

In most of my notes I actually want tags to get out of the way, but there are cases where having them inside the content area makes sense.

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