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I don’t know if I’m allowed to start this conversation in this section, but I couldn’t think of any better place. So, I’m a compulsive tag-nester and I have some very “deep” tag structure for my notes. On my Macbook I can resize the tag bar easily and see all my tags. On mobile, though, this bar is smaller and a lot of them are “cut out” with the dots, making very difficult to navigate between them.

Maybe I’m using tags in the wrong way, but the nested feature allow me to navigate quickly between all the topics contained in my notes. I was wondering if Bear 2.0 will solve this “problem”, or if I should rethink my tagging habit.

Thanks for the kind replay.

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Hi there,

Many thanks for your support of Bear!

Regarding tagging resources, see here: How to think with tags, create a habit in Bear – Part 1 and here: Part 2: How to think with tags, create a habit in Bear

Regarding search options with tags, please see here: Advanced search options in Bear | FAQ & Support | Bear App Tips like searching for subtags only search using #*/tag may be of help to your use case!

Regarding the above, I’ll pass on the feedback to the development team to see if it’s something they’d consider when moving forward.

If you’ve any further queries or questions in the meantime, let me know as I’d be happy to help!

Thanks for the exhaustive reply. I had already read these posts and they are the reason why I started using tags more and more. I think it’s one of the most underestimated features of Bear but I’m really glad they exist.

As for the suggestion, thanks for taking it into account even if I’m sure right now you have a lot going on.

I have no further questions, so thanks again.

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What I do is assign a number for each category (the first tag of the nest) and give an appropriate tagcon as well as a document for what each numbers mean. So it will be shorter so easier to type with and easier to view.



#0/School Subject#





#5/Media Type



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Well, that’s an interesting idea. I assign a specific icon to each tag too (and I have to say that sometimes I’d wish for more icons and a search bar for them), but I’ve never thought to use a number to identify them. It’s great for shortness for sure, but I fear I would make a lot of terrible mistakes. Moreover, I tend to use tags to build a very nested structure and replace them all with numbers would be impractical.


But I think that the idea to use some kind of legend to better organise tags may be a good solution. I’ll spend some time thinking on it. Thanks!

Hi Marco,

Another tip for tags for organisation is you can change the way tags are sorted. To do this go to Bear > Preferences > General > Tags List Sorting and change as desired!

See demo of it here:

I personally sort based on most used first, hoping this helps! :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea and in fact I’ve already turned it on! Thanks al lot for all the tips and tricks shared on tags and note organisation. I have to say that when I started using Bear I found the tag-only design hard to use (I was far more used to folders and subfolders) and I kept using Bear mostly for it’s clear design and great performances. But after some time I found myself reorganising my documents folder using tags more than folders. At the end of the day both system has pros and cons, but with big collections I think tags are better in terms of flexibility and quick searching.

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No problem at all, always happy to help! Glad to hear that you are enjoying using Bear :slight_smile:

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