FR: Tags in "sort" view

Hey Bear team!

I love the new quick sort view for Bear 2. However, it’ll be even more useful if I could see my tags in the list as well.

Implemented in Things:
CleanShot 2022-12-17 at 10.22.05

It can be a quick navigational option by utilising the top bar only!

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I already asked for showing the tags inside that menu. I think @trix180 answered that - depending of how many tags you have - the tag list could be large.

I totally would be satisfied and excited to see the tag list from sidebar inside of a submenu “tags” at the end of the notes list menu

Yes, we think adding a user-generated (nested) tags submenu in the Notes menu will quite rapidly result in an unusable menu. The problem is not only the number of roots but also nested tags producing sub-menus. Especially on iPhone’s screens, a messy tag menu is definitely not something we want to present to people.

I think on iphone this feature is quite useless. It is more interesting on mac with its 2 or 3 pane layout. Can’t say nothing to ipad because idon’t have one

I am not sure if you have understood me. I meant that the whole tag structure beginning with the roots itself is placed in a submenu. So just one entry more at the end of noteslists menu would be visible on opening and the tag structure itself would only be populated when a user decides to enter that submenu

Why should a submenu in notes lists menu be less usable than the tag structure in left sidebar?

Things already has user generated lists in the menu, and even if one has a lot, it doesn’t look overwhelming. I’m good with having a sub menu as well, which is like “Sorting” or “Preview Style” in the Bear screenshot.

This doesn’t change a lot from my perspective, see below.

Because this is what we have to do to render the tag structure with system menus and in our opinion, this is very bad UI.

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Ah ok, now I know what you mean. That is indeed bad. I thought you‘ve meant the length of the menu in vertical sense.