Request: quick picker for tags in notes list drop down menu

There are two scenarios for me to use the left sidebar:

  1. I do some working and manipulation of the tag tree, f.e. changing of tag cons or renaming tags. That happens rarely but is concentrated work

  2. I just choose a tag and that’s all. That happens often but is quickly done

Generally i have the left sidebar closed. For point 2 i would like to have a quick picker for choosing tags. In the notes list drop down you even have the upper part from the tag tree in left sidebar. Why not below that part an entry “tags” that opens submenu and sub-submenus for quick picking a tag? That would help me to have the left sidebar closed almost all the time


We took into consideration having a tag selection menu in the note list column but, considering tags can be nested and are user-generated that menu will potentially be unusable if you have a long list of tags or deeply nested tags.

We do think a quick-open functionality (spotlight inside the app) for opening tags and notes is a better choice for this specific use case. Unfortunately, this has to be delayed after the 2.0 release.


If the quick open panel would not display the tags in their tree - i think - I still would prefer the menu from notes list drop down. The tags should be hidden in a submenu. Starting with the whole tag list in notes list dropdown menu is not a good idea.

I am eager about the quick open panel like spotlight

Spotlight quick open that let’s you both directly open notes and tags sound great!