Beginner! Asking for help

I’m a beginner user for note taking and I’ve tried a lot. I always get back to bear because of its nice and cute bear and because of its simplicity. However I don’t know how to organize myself with the app maybe I don’t know how to organize my self in my life too but if some of you have any ideas or suggestions I will get them and try them. Thanks


You don’t need to intentionally organize. You just need to write when you want. Revisit notes if you like. Reliable search and tags are here to make you easier.

Bear has also “todo” and “today” sections, as well as random note widget to help you revisit/remember notes or journals even when your notes are untagged.

Tagging doesn’t mean you are responsible for tagging all the notes. Just tag them if you think they are important and having meanings or projects. If they are just quick notes or you kust want to write, you don’t need to worry you didn’t tag. As said above you will find them again someday and edit (envolve) them into projects, tasks or other forms of meaningful life.


Hi Sandro, thank you for this feedback. You’re in luck, organization is something we take quite seriously here at Bear,so we have many resources we can guide you to. The best way to do this is by using tags. If you’re not familiar with them, tags are our equivalent of folders… Check out some of these links:


  1. How to think with tags - Part 1
  2. How to think with tags - Part 2
  3. Organize things in your home with Bear and nested tags

Bear Tips:

  1. Change Tag Sorting
  2. Change TagCons
  3. Tags & Nested Tags

Hopefully, these resources will help you out! Drop us any questions you have. We are all ears.