[Feature Request] List Untagged Notes

Bear has an incredible organization structure. But I’ve noticed that it is difficult to organize my personal notes separately from notes saved via the web clipper.

My Bear notes is set to append a tag to any note it saves which is neat, until I try to find my own note in my trove of notes.

If the Bear app could file untagged notes under a default category like “#untagged”, it would be an elegant solution.

Anybody else agree?

Afterthought; the alternative for this would be manually adding a tag to personally written notes for filing. Except that it is impractical, especially if you write notes on the fly and on the spur of the moment.

Sometimes, you just want to see every single note you ever typed minus the saved articles converted to notes by the web clipper.

There’s already Untagged list in the sidebar.


So tag notes you write with #mine or something similar.

You also can search for notes using @untagged

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Oh, sweet. Why is this not available on the iOS app?

Really? On the iOS app?

Tap the caret next to the ‘Notes’ item in the sidebar and it’ll expand to show things like Untagged, Todo, Today, and Locked “smart lists.”

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Screenshot above is from my iPhone :sunglasses:

Oh, just saw it. Thanks! :pray: