Request: New Untagged Note Shortcut

A lot of times I will be working in a note and I will have a thought that I want to write down that’s completely unrelated. However, when I do ⌘ + N, most of the time it creates a note that is automatically tagged with the tag if I’m in that section of Bear.

I’d really like if there was a keyboard shortcut to omit the tag when creating a new note such as ⌘ + ⇧ + N, this way it goes into the Untagged section of Bear. I see the Untagged section the same as Quick Notes in Apple Notes. I can use that as my dumping ground, then get in there and process it further, or I can chuck it if I no longer find it useful.

Sounds like a small thing, but for someone that tried to mitigate distraction as much as possible, having to remember to switch to the Untagged section first, then ⌘ + N, or ⌘ + N then delete the auto-created tag is too much when I just need to get something out of my head and go back to what I was previously working on.

I would like to add one more thing:
Apple Notes has the Quick Note feature and Things 3 has their Quick Entry feature, and both are absolutely fantastic. I can’t express how convenient and useful it is to be able to set a global shortcut from anywhere while I’m doing whatever to get a thought out or jot down a task I need to do. Best part is that only the single note window comes up for Apple’s Quick Note feature and for Things, it’s just a little input box only (works even if the main app is hidden).

That’s all for now. Thanks!


Or the ability to set a default tag, like is available for web clipping. I have a @inbox tag that all web clippings go into, and I organize them later.

Isn’t your inbox tagged doing what untagged is already doing?

@marlonjames from a process standpoint, yes. However, “untagged” is not front and center visually. I don’t usually use that “notes section at the top” expanded, so I can easily forget to check it. Whereas, @inbox is always at the top of my tags list visually “reminding me” to check it.

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Here are two shortcuts that may do what you ask for:



That’s a solid point. Often times that section is collapsed even though I had it open last time. I’m not sure they store the state of that section (expanded/collapses).

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That’s pretty nice. Thanks for sharing.

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