Centered images

Hi there! :slight_smile:

Request for a simple and optional feature:

Rather than left-aligned i would like to have an image centered.


Thank you for the suggestion Chris, i’ll pass it to the development team to consider :slight_smile:

+1 In other applications (like Obsidian) it can be done by changing CSS-properties; I prefer it as an option in the general settings of Bear.

Thank you for weighing in Dirk, i’ve added your vote for consideration :slight_smile:

Another vote for this feature. Check this image, it doesn’t look good against the left margin.

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The support in Nuclino for images is superior.

When you drag an image, it gets centered (contextual menu allows you to configure alignment left or right too). If you drag more, Nuclino suggests placement depending on size, can go down, or on the side. It adds a nice gap between the images too, and rounded corners.

Let me show you an example.

+1 Vote Would love to center images and tables as well

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