Code block don’t hide bottom space

When you lose the focus of the code block don’t hide the bottom space and I think is going to be better if it also remove the language label.

BTW, the new editor is looking really great!

Hi there,

thank you for your kinds words on the new editor!

As for the code block, we’re trying to avoid hiding the top/bottom line to prevent vertical movement when you enter/exit from it, as moving text during selection chance is quite annoying.

We might revisit this later, but this is working as intended for now :slight_smile:



Hi Matteo

I think pls hide the code block and the language reference as well.

It is making my note more clutter.

In order to avoid vertical movements what you can do is not to start and end the code block in separate lines.

thanks for the new editor.

I tend to agree that keeping the language label is more obtrusive than helpful.

A toggle in the advanced settings? :man_shrugging:

+1 on that. The chosen highlighting is not critical IMO when comes to looking at the code block. GitHub also doesn’t show this information when not in editing mode and I never missed that.