Auto Hide Markdown shows blank lines at top and bottom of code blocks

Testing version: Version 1.0 (1648)

What were you doing: Writing in code blocks

What feature did you use: Auto Hide Markdown

What happened: Saw blank lines surrounding the code block

What did you expect to happen: No blank lines while my focus is elsewhere

While I have Auto Hide Markdown mode toggled on, I would expect to see the backtick lines (```) while my cursor is inside the code block. But I would not expect to see them while my focus is elsewhere

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 3.10.40 PM

This text will be blurredScreen Shot 2021-03-18 at 3.10.47 PM

Hi, yes we are going to address this issue with the next update. The top and bottom lines will disappear with markdown hiding active.