Visual styling of code blocks

I’m so excited for Panda! One of the reasons I enjoy Markdown is because of its ability to format code. Currently, code blocks in Panda, I feel, are styled a little too similar to regular text so it’s hard to distinguish them from regular text. I’d like to suggest doing something similar to the way Slack handles code. Slack does two things:

  1. Code, in both single back-ticked and triple back-ticked blocks, gets a thin gray border and a light gray background.
  2. In code blocks that are surrounded by single back-ticks (but not triple back-ticks) the font color for the code is red.

ok well never mind - this seems to be there now? the styling is different, and it definitely has a background color now. Yay!

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One step ahead :wink:

Jokes aside, if you ever have any other queries or questions regarding Bear or Panda, let me know or @ me as i’d be more than happy to help!

Thanks! I think I figured it out what I was seeing. The background for code doesn’t always appear on macOS. I thought I saw it there before. I definitely see backgrounds on iOS!

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