Converting Text to a Table

I’m not sure if this is the best place for this, please advise.

I have a Table in Apple Notes that I pasted into Panda (now I know why you want to stick with the standard markup implementations) and it obviously didn’t create a table in Panda.

Have you thought about the ability to take highlighted text and convert to a table?
It may require some restrictions such as looking for embedded tabs as the marker to break columns on; otherwise, would be quite messy.

Maybe a future release since it may be too late now since I’m not sure what your release schedule is but it looks like you’ve been at it for quite some time now.

It’s looking like Panda will have quite a bit of useful features.


Hi there,

The copy and pasting of tables (whilst keeping the formatting) is on our list of things to delve into and investigate if it’s possible for us to implement.

It is something we’d like to have down the line if possible.

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