Copying tables from somewhere else

I tried pasting tables from and Chrome but no luck. I think it’d be awesome to support this feature!

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I second this. I often times need to use a tool like Tables Generator just to get my table looking neat. It would be nice to have some sort of default behavior that would allow you to get a table into the editor from elsewhere without using another tool.

I was going to suggest the same, then realised Bear never copies formatting and this would be an exception.
However it would still be very useful to somehow be able to copy HTML to markdown for tables.

Maybe as an additional type of Pasting.
Similar behavour to this site:

Coming, Panda still doesn’t have “importers”, but this is very high on the priority list :slight_smile:


Big thing, especially copying from Word (which I am sure is challenging).


I have a similar need to the original poster.

I use Bear most often for web clipping. Because tables don’t come over in that process I was eager to try Panda.

I tried copy-pasting by (1) selecting just a table from a web page and pasting into an empty note, (2) as before but pasting into a new empty table in a new note, and (3) selecting the whole web page with command-A and then pasting into an empty note. None of these methods reproduced the table correctly.

With (2) in particular I hoped that the app would detect how many columns were in the source table and adjust the Bear table accordingly, but instead all the data from the web page went into the first cell (column 1, row 1 of a 2x2 table).

“For fun,” I then tried copying the table into a blank TextEdit file (RTF) - result wasn’t pretty but its tabular format was correct - and then tried copying and pasting from that file into a blank Panda Note – so much for trying something offbeat.

Copying and pasting a table created in Bear into a TextEdit RTF file has been working fine so far.

Thanks for inviting feedback on the Alpha.