Copy & paste column / rows from tables

Tables is truly the one feature that I’m most looking forward too, and I’ve been enjoying it thus far; from Panda, to Bear 2.0 beta.

Not sure if I’ve missed this but the one feature that I thought would be useful is if we were able to copy / paste a row / column from one table to another.

Right now, the only option seems to be to copy the entire table either as Markdown, HTML or csv.


I don’t remember receiving requests for copying tables’ rows or columns so far. Your idea is to use rows/cols copy and paste in tables inside Bear or to be used in other apps?

Thank you for your suggestion.

Yea, I was searching through the forum and couldn’t find any other feedback / suggestion regarding this either.

Understand that it might be rather late at this stage for new features, but just something I thought would be useful. And to your question, my idea is to be able to copy and paste rows/cols from one table to another tables inside Bear itself.

For context, I’ve been using Bear as a database of show / movies to watch etc., and tables has proven to be extremely effective at organising everything. While experimenting with it, there were times where I wished to shift a couple of rows of data from one table to another, within the bear app that is.


Thanks for your use case explanation. Yes, this might be a little late but it’s something we can eventually consider for future enhancements.

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Maybe in bear 2.1 ? :wink:

We want to add the tab key to add new rows (for 2.0). Eventually, we can consider adding the tab key to our custom table keyboard on iOS to make it more discoverable. We left some table-related bugs and enhancements behind in the previous beta updates but many of them are meaningful improvements that need to be tackled.