Selecting table cells, rows and columns, and adding new rows

An easier way to add new rows in tables.

Yes, we have the shortcut ^⌘⏎ on mac but not on iOS/iPadOS (unless you use external kbd)

In Ulysses Mac you can use either Tab or Return, and that works much more fluently, and Return on iPhone and iPad which is also very easy and accessible on their onscreen keyboards.

Selecting rows for copy/paste would also really enhance the user experience in Bear 2.0 tables.

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This makes sense. But how do I enter multiline now? What is your suggestions for iOS/iPadOS? or how does Ulysses do it?

Also agree with the feature request for copying rows/ columns. Would be very convenient!

In Ulysses iPad and iPhone you can use the Line Break button also in table cells:

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In Ulysses, Tab moves to the next cell but creates a new row if the selected cell is the last one of the last row. I think this is something we can consider adding.

Regarding iOS and iPadOS (without kbd) we provided (Panda for reference) a way to move inside the table within the custom table keyboard (BIU button).

Adding a menu item to the … menu on the cell seems a good solution for copying a single row but I don’t know if you meant copying 1 row or more. Also, please tell me more about your use case for this.

Wow, just discovered that I can paste table rows copied from Excel with Bear 2.0 built-in Paste from Rich Text

Great improvement – Thank you!

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