Table copy/paste/reorder functionality

I think tables are great addition, been using them regularly for a few months now to organise all the songs/lyrics I’ve written in Bear. So cool, however, navigating table rows is a bit of a ball ache, particularly in the scenario where you need to copy and paste rows from multiple tables.

  • I think first there needs to be visual UI cue to let the user know when a row is focused
  • Default copy and paste should copy an entire row instead of a single cell
  • Pressing enter within cells should start a new row
  • There needs to be a visual drag drop “handle” at the end of the row to make reorder easy

This set of functionality should make the tables feel as powerful as Apple Numbers minus the actual advanced functionality of course, but that is fine. I am simply using these tables as a way of organising data, not for calculating data or anything like that.

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