Drag and drop table rows/columns + better right click functionality

Super excited to see tables in the new Alpha! A couple things that I think could make it even better:

  • The ability to drop and drop table rows and columns
  • Viewing the “table menu” when right clicking on a table cell


I wonder if a cell’s ellipses/overflow button could function as a handle to drag-and-drop rows (if dragging on y-axis) or columns (if dragging on x-axis). Or maybe you can only reorder columns using the handle on the THead cells, and only reorder rows using handles on the TBody cells.

The tables in Atlassian’s Confluence product have super nice interactions for creating/removing/selecting rows and columns, and they have room for grab handles on the table borders that would be perfect for this use case. But they don’t allow drag-and-drop reordering, which is a mystery to me.

Thank you for the additional feedback!