Solid Polish feedback for tables

  1. Having an empty row, [backspace] (or perhaps cmd+[backspace]) should allow to remove it
  2. Add opt+[enter] to add new line within a row
  3. There’s a glitch with ctrl+[enter] – it temporarily creates a new line within a row, but it’s then disregarded
  4. Currently no way to resize columns
  5. Creating headers/footers could be nice (or perhaps an overkill?). By that I mean at least being able to color the first row differently
  6. Selecting a table (i.e. for cutting and pasting) does not highlight the table, only the surroundings, making it unclear if the table itself is selected as well
  7. Keyboard shortcuts would be great. My suggestions:
    cmd + [up]/[down] – move row up/down
    cmd + [shift] + [enter] – insert row before
    cmd + [enter] – insert row after
    opt + [shift] + [enter] – insert column before
    opt + [enter] – insert column after
    opt + [left]/[right] (alternatively: cmd + [left]/[right]) – move column left/right
    cmd + [backspace] – delete row
    opt + [backspace] – delete column

This way both rows and columns get their magic shortcut key (cmd and opt, respectively), while maintaining consistency across analogous actions (i.e. [shift] + [enter] for inserting row/column before the current one). “Opt” could be changed for “control” if it proves that it conflicts with other keyboard shortcuts, i.e. new line creation with opt + [enter]

Let me know what you think!


Moreover, regarding keyboard shortcuts, another idea popped into my head:
[opt] + [cmd] + up/down/left/right – to move row/column (just like you can currently use [opt] + [cmd] + up/down in lists)

Hi there!

This is a great list of suggestions, we’re having a meeting soon to discuss the next steps for the tables and we’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

Coloring first row would be awesome!