Table Suggestion: Add rows and columns by dragging the corner button like in Numbers App


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I hope Panda could support the option of adding rows and columns in the table as in the Numbers App. Now panda can only add rows and columns through right click. In Numbers you can drag the button on the bottom right to add rows and columns as a fast way. it’s very handy!


@ElijahLee 非常感谢反馈!这是一个非常好的建议,我们会对此功能进行考虑,并向此方向进行更多探索! :blush:

Thanks for the feedback! It’s a great suggestion. We will take it into consideration and explore in this direction. :blush:

I was actually mousing around wondering why I couldn’t drag the edge of the table. Creating a large table would be quite laborious.

Another alternative would be a popup grid that allowed you to select the size of table you wanted at the start. This would work well on iOS devices too.

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I second that. This would allow us to create rows and columns much faster. It’s also more intuitive than a right click.

For inspiration, this is how it’s done in Atlassian Confluence:

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