Moving and Undo rows/columns not smooth

Hi there,
Thanks for the new beta update,
OCR search in images and PDFs works great.

Testing version: 0.1 (3113)

What were you doing: Moving or deleting rows/columns

What feature did you use: extended BIU keyboard.

Some issues when using the BIU keyboard extension in tables:

  1. moving rows or columns up/down/left/right the extension closes each time making it very awkward to move more than one step at a time (don’t remember this issue in previous updates)
  2. When you delete a row or column, the content in next current cell get selected, so Undo gets hidden because Cut & Copy buttons are shown instead.
    This is confusing …
    Text should NOT get selected after row/column delete!

Feature Requests

  1. Selecting rows/columns content for cut/copy/paste would be nice (see Ulysses’ new table functions)
  2. Copy/paste rows/columns directly from/to Excel would be very useful…

PS. Here is a iOS/iPadOS/MacOS Shortcut I made for converting Excel or tab separated valued rows into MD table for pasting into Panda:

Table2MdApp - Shortcuts