Crash deleting last table row/column

Testing version: iOS, Version 0.1 (1648)

What were you doing: working with tables

What feature did you use: add/remove column/row with keyboard buttons

What happened: deleting the last (remaining) row or column crashes the app

What did you expect to happen: the table to be deleted

Hi, thanks for reporting this issue. I think this is already fixed in our development version and, if this is the case, we’ll surely ship the fix with the next update.

I’ve been having the exact same problem on iOS version 2.0 (11093). I’ve tried restarting both the app and my phone but the app still crashes every time. This is only true for when I’m using the format keyboard though, using the three dots to delete the last row works just fine.

Edit: I think I might have slightly misunderstood the reported problem. But my problem is anyway deleting the lowest (not necessarily the last remaining) row in a table with the format keyboard, causing the app to crash

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Yes, I have verified the crash. Thanks for reporting this.

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On iOS/iPad, Bear 2.0

  1. crashes if creating a table from BIU keyboard and then do undo immediately after,

  2. or while still inside table even after adding data to cells (undo changes until table itself is deleted and it crashes)

  3. If you move cursor out of table, then undo works fine without crashing.

  4. also crashes if you paste a table (copied as markdown) and then do undo afterwards.