Deleting table in macOS can crash iOS app

Testing version: macOS Version 2.0 (10936), iOS Version 2.0 (10946)

What were you doing: Testing another bug

What feature did you use: Deleted a table on macOS while cursor within the same table on iOS

What happened: iOS crashed

What did you expect to happen: Table to be deleted on iOS on sync without crashing the app

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a note on macOS withe a simple 2x2 table.
  2. Open the same note on iOS in edit mode and place the cursor in any cell of the table.
  3. Delete the table on macOS while iOS app’s cursor is within a table cell.
  4. Watch iOS app crash when change sync from macOS to iOS app.

Thank you very much. We saw this crash in the reports but we haven’t found a way to simulate the issue. Very good catch!

Just to confirm this has been fixed in Version 2.0 (10984). :slight_smile:

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