BIU shortcut keyboard closes when working with tables!

Testing version: 2.0 10699 iOS/iPad

What were you doing:

  1. Adding: table, row, column
  2. Deleting: row, column
  3. Moving: row, column
    What feature did you use: All BIU shortcut keyboard table buttons

What happened: BIU Keyboard closes after each use of every table functions buttons!

What did you expect to happen:

BIU kbd should stay open until I finished using any of the table buttons:

  1. after inserting a table, I most likely don’t want 2x2, but need to add more columns and rows.

  2. In existing table; I may want to add more than one row or column

  3. move rows or columns more than one position

  4. maybe delete more than one rows or columns

So it’s very very clunky as it works now!

If you could please leave BIU keyboard active when working with all the table buttons, including add table, it would be an incredible improvement.

Same way as the move line up/down buttons works today: BIU keyboard stays open until you finish moving (most likely more than one position).