Request: Copy/paste a table from a web page

Is there any way. that copying a table from a webpage or an email and pasting it into Bear could paste a table. At the moment it just pastes text.

Workaround: Paste into Typora, select in Typora, paste into Bear. Typora groks tab delimited text.

It depends on the app you are copying the table from but Paste as > HTML/Rich Text should produce a table when a table is copied from a browser. If this is not the case please send me a test page.

Every app I’ve tested copies tab delimited text into the clipboard. I’ve tested a number of apps - Pages, Typora, Postbox and they all paste tab delimited text as a table.

Bear 2 doesn’t have a paste as, only a paste from. It doesn’t paste a table from tab delimited text.

I used tables from HTML Tables

Copying the tables in the page linked and pasting them using Paste From > HTML or Rich Text produce markdown tables. Are you proposing regular paste should produce the table?

It does. My apologies. It’s a bit misleading, though; although the text comes from a web page, you’re not actually pasting HTML