Two very practical observations from my workflow

I don’t think these are necessarily bugs, but things that I have noticed in the Bear Beta that are potentially troublesome to my workflow:

  1. Pasting from Confluence wiki pages (which I’m forced to got back and forwards between for work) in most cases borks the formatting completely. Note, this is the same behaviour as in B1, so I was just hopeful it would be improved for B2. This issue in my testing seems unique to Bear (Craft and Obsidian seem to preserve the formatting well enough).

  2. In the new tables feature, if I paste an excerpt of a table from Google Sheets (again, forced to use with work, I don’t use Excel etc), I don’t get any table formatting in Bear v2. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Craft, Apple Notes, or Obsidian.

Just providing some (selfish!) feedback. :smile:



Question: When you paste from Confluence, are you using plain old Edit>Paste, or Edit>Paste From>HTML? I’ve found that the current Edit>Paste is rarely what I want. But Edit>Paste From>HTML gets it perfect; tables, links, everything is preserved when coming from Confluence or just about anywhere else.

In another thread, I argued that the paste functions in Bear 2 are non-standard and confusing. I hope the team revisits this. If not, I plan to rebind ⌘-V in System Preferences>Keyboard>shortcuts>App Shortcuts, so that it behaves like other applications.

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Thanks for your help! Indeed, using Edit>Paste From>HTML seems to remedy both concerns (well, it’s not always perfect, but it’s close enough). Cheers.