Copy button or CMD a functionality for code blocks

This has been requested before, but it’s such an important point for me that I will create a new post here. I originally posted this on the subreddit.

This is one of my major pain points with bear. If I have a long code block, and I want to copy it, I have to select it with my mouse, which is very cumbersome.

Unless I’m missing something, adding a copy button to a code block or having cmd + A only select inside the codeblock when inside the code block would be wonderful

Two examples come to mind:

  • copy button: In Obsidian, it’s small and out sight, but doesn’t have the CMD + A function.

  • cmd + A: In Craft, it doesn’t have the copy button but has the CMD + A function, which I like more


In Bear on MacOS you have right click context menu: Copy code:

And also found at menu bar, where you can assign a MacOS keyboard shortcut to it:

Unfortunately, Copy code is not present on iPad/iOS,
so I agree with you, we also need either:

  • Copy Button or
  • ⌘A to select code only (when cursor is inside a code block)
  • or both :wink:

Those have been on my list for a long time, today is the day! I’ve already added the ⌘A and I’ll try to add also the button :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks! Do you mean you added them to the todo list? When can we expect this to be live, more or less?

No, I’ve added it to the app :smiley:

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Do you mean it will be pushed in the next update?

I don’t know about the next one, very soon anyway!


Thanks for the clarification, very appreciated!