Crash on unfolding sections

Testing version: 2510 (both Mac and iOS)

What were you doing: unfolding h3 section

What feature did you use: toggle folding

What happened: crash

What did you expect to happen: well… that section opens

Interestingly it happens only with one of sections folded. Other are opening fine, just one causes the crash on both: iOS and Mac OS. It’s been reported already via TestFlight. Let me know how can I help more. I’d hate to lose 20% of the doc :slight_smile:


  1. the MD found inside opens and unfolds just fine, w/o any issues in Panda (but not the outer .panda file)
  2. there’s an asset missing inside (a picture inserted), which is referenced in the document. Would this matter?

Hello there,

this is an interesting crash, if the file doesn’t contain sensitive data can you share it with us?


I’m afraid the whole file isn’t appropriate for sharing, but I’ll try to destile it or recreate it.

@Matteo please find attached an example file crashing. it currently has 2 assets missing: a script and an image. the original file crashing had an image missing, but a script was there. which is interesting because the image was visible in the panda file for a moment. not saved maybe?

x-sec 2.panda (995 Bytes)

Thank you very much for the file, it’s crashing for me too!

We’ll figure out what’s going on and release a fix soon.