Mac app crashed and is now unusable

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10757)

What were you doing: Dragging and image into Bear

What feature did you use: Dragging image into note

What happened: App crashed and keeps crashing now when I try to relaunch.

What did you expect to happen: The Mac app is basically unusable now. Fortunately, I can still access my notes via iOS but this is severely disrupting my workflow. The app didn’t save the changes to the note I was working on before the crash.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Bear didn’t solve the issue.

Managed to work around the issue by deleting the Group Container. Probably not recommended but I needed to get it working again. I made sure I backed up the folder before deleting it and I checked on the iOS app that all other notes were synced on iCloud.

Hello @jenxi,

any chance you still have the image you dragged? I think the problem was with the thumb-maker (note list) as I saw a crash related but it’s impossible to simulate without the source image.


Yes, I’ve DMed the link to the source. I dragged the image from Safari into Bear.


I agree this bug has been there for quite a long time since the early version of Panda.

Sticking to right click to copy in Safari and then paste in Bear for now.