Crash when inserting a table

Testing version:
Bear Version 2.0.7 (11876) on MacOS 13.5.1

What were you doing:
New Note. Click the B/I/U button in the upper right corner. In the bar below, click the table button. Hover over one of the cells and click the 3 dots menu, and add a row. Without moving the cursor, click the table button in the bottom bar again.

What feature did you use:
Table insertion

What happened:
Application crashed

What did you expect to happen:
I don’t really know. Either nothing, or create a new blank table outside of the existing table.

Hello and thanks a lot for reporting this crash. We’ll provide a fix as soon as possible.

Will there be a fix for tables when using the cursor with Magic Keyboard. Somehow the cursor snaps randomly to the column menus (not the intended snap animation though). There seems to be a bug when using the Magic Keyboard.

Device: iPad Pro 2018.

Can you please send a quick video of this issue?

Sure! I tried my best to simulate this issue. Hope this helps.

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