DayOne importer testing

Hello testers,

If some of you are interested in testing Bear’s DayOne importer, please Leave a message here or by DM.


I would be interested. Thank you.

I’m curious, however, what does it do with location data? It’s very precious to me as I travel a lot.

I’d be interested too. Thanks

This is up for debate. DayOne JSON exporter provide the following information regarding the location

"location" : {
    "region" : {
      "center" : {
        "longitude" : 10.098931312561035,
        "latitude" : 44.689674377441406
      "radius" : 75
    "localityName" : "Fornovo di Taro",
    "country" : "Italy",
    "timeZoneName" : "Europe\/Rome",
    "administrativeArea" : "Emilia–Romagna",
    "longitude" : 10.098931312561035,
    "placeName" : "Fornovo di Taro",
    "latitude" : 44.689674377441406

Based on this I can generate a google maps link to place at the bottom of the note e.g.

[Fornovo di Taro - Emilia–Romagna - Italy](
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That would be nice, but you’re going to run into people not wanting Google links for privacy reasons, understandably. Everybody will want that data to be processed in different ways, which makes things tricky.

In the spirit of Bear’s simplicity, I would recommend:

  • allow these map links to use Google, Apple or OpenStreetMap upon import (satisfying everyone) and make them optional
  • additionally, tag the geolocation data that is provided, as Country/State/City for instance.

I’m not sure what I’d do with such a thing, but would not mind kicking it around for LOLz.

@trix180 - please include me. I would like to be able to move my data from DayOne to Bear. Thx!

@trix180 I received your email, however, I get this error message when clicking on the link you sent:

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Please try again with the same link.

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That worked. Testing… Thx.

@trix180 I’m sorry, I can’t get anything to work. I did NOT copy the app to the applications directory and running it from a folder within my downloads folder. I right-click on an entry in Day One and choose export. There are 3 options, and I’ve tried them all. When I go to Bear and click on import from Day One, and I select the folder with the Day One export, nothing happens.

I would like to try the day one importer.

I would love to try this as I have almost 2000 entries I would like to move over. Thanks

An Update: I imported a few Day One entries into that build of Bear, and it worked like a charm! No issues whatsoever for me.

Appreciate if I can get access to day one importer testing. Thanks!

Day One importer is complete and now in the main released version via the app store, so the version used for this testing is out of date.

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