Dropbar functionality / multiple note selection

Has the Dropbar function been disabled or changed in 2.0 ?

Not sure how to select multiple notes then act on them eg change tags, merge documents etc?


Yeah it works by two finger swipe. I think the devs need official announcement with this feature

If you swipe down with 2 fingers on the note table you can select multiple notes and a new and not-very-drop bar appears at the bottom of the screen.

That’s great thank you



That feature should be visible by a command in the drop down menu from the top of notes list for example. Actually i never would have the idea to try a swipe down with two fingers

The swipe down with two fingers is a standard iOS gesture. If I remember correctly, the default Apple apps like Mail and Messages teach this to the user on initial days of the using the iPhone.

That’s my first my first iPhone after 12 years of android despite having a macBook. Good to know, thanks! Wherever i can i will try that swipe down :smiley:

Looked into Mail and Notes. Yep, a swipe down works. Nevertheless Apple implemented visible commands to achieve the same. Actually hidden features can remain hidden for long time