iOS: two finger swipes are no longer working

Testing version: iOS version 2.0

What were you doing: Trying to navigate between notes and inside long notes

What feature did you use: The two finger swipe gestures available in Bear 1

What happened:


What did you expect to happen:

To move between note history and inside long notes (home/end) as it used to work in Bear 1.

I debated whether this belonged as a bug or a feature, but since it’s something missing in Bear 2 I figured I would add it as a bug so it could easily be closed if the devs are aware of this issue.

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Yeah it’s mentioned as planned but missing at the moment in the release thread.

Well kinda sorta. They say “history buttons” which I took to mean actual buttons (also it’s not clear if that comment is for the macOS app or iOS or both).

I would muuuuuuuuuch rather keep the chrome as minimal as possible and re-incorporate the swipe gestures, so I’ma leave this bug report up until the devs close it.

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Oh yes you’re right, I just figured it meant the gestures but it could be actual buttons. I’d kinda like both I think, it’s hard to the gestures with one hand.

Huh good point. I’ve never tried to swipe like that one handed since its a two finger swipe so I wasn’t even thinking about that. Looking over the iOS editor’s design, I think the only place they could put actual buttons would be inside the vertical ellipsis, menu in the upper right, which wouldn’t add any extra visual clutter. Will be interesting to see what Shiny Frog does in the next few weeks!

Yeah “hard” was a wrong word, I kinda meant that it’s impossible to do the gestures with one hand :sweat_smile:


Now I’m picturing someone who’s so dedicated to one handed Bear swiping that they’ve developed some kinda funky “claw grip” but for iPhones :rofl:

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+1 to add them back in as gestures! I miss them!