Editor Preferences ETA?

Only been navigating around for 5 minutes and absolutely love what I’ve seen so far.

The ‘Toggle Folding’ feature is brilliant and definitely something I’ll be using on a regular basis. A couple of things I have noticed though.

  1. On a few notes I have extra line feeds. I suspect this is because of the fixed line width in the beta, hence my topic subject. Would be nice to be able to mirror my settings from Bear. Oddly the other Editor preferences appear to have come across, just not the line width.

  2. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong but the new ‘Pin Tag’ option seems to be greyed out on all the tags I’ve tried.

Not sure if this is in the pipeline but I’d love the ability to make the tags area bigger, so bigger tag icons and bigger text. Ideally using a sizing slider but a small, medium, large option would be good too.

Also, is would be nice if there was a way, on the themes tab, to see what theme you’ve got selected. A fatter box border perhaps or a little ‘active’ icon?

Anyway, fantastic job so far. Glad I made the wise decision to go all in on Bear after Evernote sh!t the bed. :joy:

Most of the editor preferences, such as line width and font selection will come after backlinks and iOS release.

Pin tags is available for root tags only.

No, this is not on the pipeline but I’ll take note in case other users express this preference.

The theme tab will be changed because we want theme and icons to be selected independently and your suggestion see to be on point.