Editor's typography setting does not seem to work

Testing version:
2.0.0 (10641) on ios

What were you doing:
Change font

What feature did you use:
Settings > Editor > Typography

What happened:
Nothing. Font size/Line height/paragraph spacing does not seem to change the display, the preview is not updated and are just about 2 word per line centered (wrong margin?)

Font shows “Avrnir next”, but clicking it shows blank list

What did you expect to happen:
Change the font for views, with correctly updating previews in settings.
BTW, font settings seems to be missing on mac?

Yeah the feature is not working yet.

Editor preference is yet to be shipped on ios. Check the list of items yet to be shipped in the Public beta message for more items.


The editor typography settings are still not shipped in the beta, they’ll arrive in a next update :slight_smile:

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