Typography and display size

Maybe to early to ask?

  • But I’m missing zooming font size Cmd + and Cmd -
  • Setting fonts implemented yet in this beta? Could not find it in settings …
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Hi there,

those settings are not exposed in the beta, but they will be there :slight_smile:


It’s hard to test and read on mobile phone with this font size typography. Is there a way to set it bigger ?

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The Panda Editoa Beta (Alfa) is getting better and better, but I sorely miss the option to zoom in/out on font display size.

The current fixed size is way to small for me, both on MacBook Pro 13" and iPad/iPhone.

Please integrate the typography options, also in this Panda beta – should be part of the editor testing, I believe :nerd_face:

If the full Bear beta is just around the corner, then fine, but otherwise asap :wink: