Emoji picker often not appearing

Testing version: 1.0, on Big Sur 11.2.3

What were you doing: clicking around various parts of the welcome document while opening emoji picker with cmd-ctrl-space

What feature did you use: n/a

What happened: the emoji picker often does not appear when invoked. Most often it finally appears after clicking the mouse on a different part of the document. It doesn’t seem predictable. Similarly, when you pick an emoji, it doesn’t appear right away and instead usually appears around where you click your mouse.

What did you expect to happen: the emoji picker opening immediately and emoji that are picked show up where the cursor is in the document

Hello there,

unfortunately, I wasn’t able to replicate this issue, the emoji picker is opening normally and I’m able to insert emojis without problems.

Can you try to restart Panda (or your Mac too) and see if the issue is still there?


When I submitted this I’d restarted Panda a few times and it was replicable. However I cannot get it to replicate today, except for a slight delay after picking the emoji and when it appears in the document. This means if you click elsewhere immediately after picking an emoji, the emoji will appear where you clicked.

This is identical to behavior in other apps (Notes, Day One, Sublime), so perhaps there’s nothing to be done.