Feature Request: Bottom space area

I was wondering if we could make it possible to have more scroll distance at the bottom.

The reason why is I don’t like typing with a full page and then having no whitespace at the bottom. So I normally just press enter about 20 times to give myself a nice space at the bottom like in MSword or something. But as it is now, without doing this is leaves you with barely any space at the bottom. So you end up typing with an entire page full of text. This is a bit of a challenge for me.

Thanks for considering my feedback!


It would be a nice feature indeed.
In order to avoid distraction I tend to use apps full screen and often my Bear writing is falling at the bottom border of my screen.
Thanks !

I’d also love this. Sometimes I add a bunch of newlines to simulate this during writing.

Perhaps some sort of “Typewriter” mode that always keeps the cursor in the center (top-to-bottom) of the window.

Agreed this would be awesome. I also just add a bunch of blank lines at the bottom but I feel like that could be avoided.