Feature Request: Exclude Images from Search

I take a lot of photos of text for various reasons, and most of the time I don’t need it to be included in searches. Could there be a way (or is there a way already) to exclude image text from a particular search?

Try the search command -@images

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That will exclude all notes with images, but not really only exclude text search within images – but maybe this is what OP asked for ….


Thanks for the suggestion, Eleanor - as roar says, that excludes all notes with images, and there might be cases in which I want to search for text within notes that contain images, but not to search within the images themselves. Practically speaking, though, more often than not I could exclude image-containing notes and get to what I’m looking for. (The main reason I want the feature is that search in Bear 2 seems slower than Bear 1, and I think for me that’s mostly due to the fact that it is now including hundreds of text-containing images in the search.)

You can try -@ocr <text to search>

@ocr limits search results to notes with matches inside the note attachments. `-@ocr excludes those notes but if one or more notes have matches in the text and the attachments, those will not appear in the list.