Feature Request: Linking Visualization / Navigation

Request is to have some method of visualization (mind map, tree, etc) showing all notes tangentially linked to a specific note. The idea is you can quickly navigate to related notes in main, or ideally, open note in new window to cross reference side-by-side.

Actually that is already possible with the implementation of backlinks. Or do you mean the outgoing links of an open note? In that case a list of linked notes (wherever placed in the ui) would be enough? Why do you need a visualisation, probably a graph?

I think we can have both. I am not a UX/UI designer and would defer to the team for an elegant, decluttered solution.

Does the backlinks feature actual do this? If not, perhaps the elegance of the backlinks design could be extended to such a feature.

You should try to persuade the devs by saying why a visual display has more benefits than a simple list (as in the backlink panel) for example :wink:

So backlinking does do this? I’ve requested the beta but haven’t tried yet so I can’t try for myself firsthand atm.

Also a list is fine, I used mapping or visuals as an example as visual systems. The same can be accomplished with lists, especially if there’s ways to visually differentiate types of content. There’s more than one way to get the same result.

Take a look into this thread full of screenshots in the first post. Maybe you indeed mean backlinks.

It may be a means to the same end.

Having a toggle to view forward links at a glance would make it work the way I’m thinking. I plan on having longer notes on a topic where an at-a-glance feature would be useful. It would cut out the extra work of doing it manually.

Does that make sense? I’m far from a power user so I’m open to suggestions.


Just got into Beta

Table of Contents and Backlinks (together) is exactly what I was looking for in terms of at-a-glance visual. Thanks for your help clarifying. It’s like describing riding a bike vs riding. I get it and its dead simple.

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