Graph view in Bear

There is not enough graphview to display all notes and their links by backlinks and tags, by analogy, for example in Obsidian

There is even such a thing from third-party developers:


Hi there Andy,

Thank you for caring enough about Bear to leave us a post!

Regarding the above, diagram/graph support have been proposed to us before, but it is not something that we’ve heavily considered.

Mainly as there are dedicated apps for this type of thing, and we didn’t want to cross the feature bloat line adding things like this into Bear.

We understand that our current offering isn’t suitable to everyone, which is okay, as Bear is not all things to all people.

But it is an interesting request.

If we did end up adding it, being honest, it wouldn’t be high priority just at the moment.

This would be amongst the things to re-visit after the Editor (and possibly the web) has been released, but even then there is no guarantee of this.

If this is a feature that you currently need in your workflow, Bear may not be for you.

If you’ve any other queries or questions let me know as i’d be happy to help!


Thank you for the detailed answer:)

No problem at all Andy, always happy to help!

As also mentioned in the previous reply, if you’ve ever any other queries or questions, give me an @ as i’d be happy to help :bear:

If I can add something, I think, for my personal experience, that the most useful way to surf between notes (whenever you don’t need a specific piece of information: for that scope, the search functionality is more than enough) would be to have something like a local graph.

What I mean? Let’s say that I’m revising one of my note. Maybe I have some links in it, so I can surf forward, one step at a time. It could be really powerful and interesting to have the ability to see more levels of links and backlinks, so that in the current note that I’m on I can quickly check that is connected to note 2 and note 3, that note 2 is connected to note 4 (two levels could be just good enough).

At the same time, it would be great to have backlinks, with a similar logic. This way, the functionality of the app as a whole would be greatly enhanced for a bunch of use cases. Basically, we would have a system to have a solid and quick way to understand the context of a note.

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile: :bear:

Hi there Luca,

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a post. I can see that this is your first time posting, so welcome to the community!

Regarding graphs, as mentioned above the idea has been proposed to us before, but it is not something that we’ve heavily considered.

Mainly as there are dedicated apps for this type of thing, and we didn’t want to cross the feature bloat line adding things like this into Bear.

We thank you for the 2 cents though, and i’ll pass it onto the rest of the team to reconsider if this is a feasible idea for us.

If you’ve any other queries or questions, let me know as i’d be happy to help!

I understand that this is not high priority while you’re consolidating your before releasing a largely refactored product but I also think a graph view allows you to “browse” your notes in a quite different way that the classical folder/tags paradigm. Backlinks should be first citizens too. Obsidian does this out of the box but is not nearly as good as bear in terms of UI/UX. Implementing some graph view would certainly give a feature that a client like me who loves apps with a great design and some different ways to search and discover. I don’t think there’s anything radically different between a complex notes app and a knowledge management app. And KMgmt systems will very probably have more and more interest at an age of information overload.
Keep up the good work !

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As i already did in another topic i would suggest to collect all the purposes you want to achieve with graph view. So the devs could look if they are maybe achievable by other means than a graph view. I am also eager to hear what the real benefit of graph views are apart from the cool effect of browsing inside a milky way.

At first i thought it is just a gimmick. Then i saw a tutorial for obsidian how the graph view can help you to find still not created notes with much backlinks. On the other side - and that’s the point of my first paragraph - a simple window with a list view of not created notes sorted by number of backlinks could do the same job


I just want to add my vote to this feature. Honestly, if Bear 2.0 has backlinks, unlinked references and a graph view, I’ll definitely migrate everything to it.

I use it because it gives a great overview of how my notes are linked. Indeed the full graph might not be all that functional, but when you can apply filters on it, you can drill down on a subgraph and possibly find new connection between nodes, or between multiple graphs that appeared separated before.

The graph helped me discover two authors that might talk about a similar topic, making it easier to find multiple opinions in the same thing. Following linked and unlinked references can achieve a similar thing, but I need to go note by note and analyse all these connections. On the graph these things can sometimes be seen easier.

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