Feature Request: More flexible resizing of images

Hi there!

A small feature request that would be really great to have would be to get some flexibility in how to resize images. In particular, also enlarging the original picture should be possible in my opinion.

Would be very happy if this could be implemented!

Hi! Pictures can be enlarged but not over their effective pixel size. If this is not the case this might be a bug. Eventually, a panda file for testing will be very appreciated and will facilitate the bug fixing.


Thank you for your answer! Please find attached a picture (a screenshot of my first post) as well as the associated Panda file. The screenshot itself is (805x266) larger than it appears in Panda (690x222). In Panda, it is way too small to read. If it was possible to go even further than 805x266, it would be much appreciated.

Panda Bug.panda (28.5 KB)

In fact, this is already a bug in the current Bear version. A screenshot appears smaller than the effective pixel size. Since resizing is not possible, this is something I would be happy to have it fixed.

Thanks for the file. Now I understand the problem better, you want the image size to go wider then Panda’s text column and this is not possible but at some point, we might have preferences to increase the column.

Thanks for your answer! Yes, that would be really great, otherwise many pictures are way too small to read their content properly.

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