Am I the only one that feels photos are GIMPED in panda?

I use the iOS app. Attaching a photo takes up 6 lines worth of text AFTER resizing it to it’s smallest. If we get the ability to make text smaller or bigger like we can in Bear (love bear & ty team❤️) right now then that # could be even higher. Now I may be in the minority, but my Bear app’s real estate is important to me. I like to get a lot of info in there at once and this lack of sizing option PAINS me in Panda.

I’d like to add a photo, and write a bit about it to the write for some things that have a lot of pictures. Like… sport league stats with some 30/40 odd team logos… a list of favorite travel spots… my board games/video games I like… apartments/houses I’m comparing to each other. Even horizontally I can’t add more than 2 photos. That means no Instagram like set ups in my notes… no blogs drafts that may have three images at the top (like my olympic writing with Bronze, Silver, Gold counts).

I’m very much looking forward to the brave new world of Panda that having photos & gifs opens up but this is something that I believe is hampering the experience for people that like flexibility for their creativity!

If you agree with this post please drop a reply as simple as “+1 :fire:” or “support this!:fire:” so the dev team takes it into consideration before shipping us all our newly adoptable Pandas!

Hi there,

Firstly, thank you for giving Panda a go!

Second, regarding images, it appears that you may be in the minority for wanting images even smaller than our current smallest resize option. We believe it is a good size for readability and visual clarity of images, especially when having two beside each other.

We wanted to improve the resize options that we had in Bear, as we only had the two (original and thumbnail) and understood that that could be limiting.

Now with Panda, you have more flexibility with the sizing options. The options also are more customisable, working on an image at a time, allowing you to have multiple different sizes for different images, instead of one style for all images in all notes.

This seems to be well received by the community.

We added the annotate feature within our image options to facilitate noting/marking something in the image, or writing on/about it like you mention above.

Regardless, we thank you for your viewpoint and feedback and will Bear it in mind going forward when we discuss our future options.