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Disappointed that this beta has not corrected the minuscule, non-adjustable, hard to read, harder to edit, text size. Flagged by many. Needs addressing.
Driving Panda is like trying to sit at a child-size table and chair. It’s not a fine point of preference, it’s a glaring fault.

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“Flagged by many.” – it’s literally the first time I see anybody mention it, and it’s not something that ever bothered me personally.

“It’s not a fine point of preference, it’s a glaring fault.” – I’m worried you may be extrapolating your personal feelings a little bit here.

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I have personally seen a couple posts, perhaps by him multiple times, possibly by others. If one has a bad eye sight it can be a major issue.

However, since Bear beta is now coming soon (although how many more months for iOS I don’t know), it will have the adjustable font sizes to better suit their needs.

This has been around since the early days of Panda – and remarkably has gone unaddressed. Bear has rightly become popular through excellent functionality – and a UI that has the hallmark of a good UI designer.

Panda, by contrast, is difficult to use for writers. To clarify, writers use WORDS – typed or dictated – which go through various iterations change from typos to phrases. With tiny text, it’s hard work, with generous text it’s a breeze.

Working with words will always call for different words, so apps used by writers, as compared with listers or coders, will always call for friction-free editing.

(And for the record I have good eyesight – just had my latest test!)

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I think you’re going a bit overboard here. Remember Panda was designed to be the test bed of the new editor. It is not Bear 2. It is not a finished product.

Bear has always had options to adapt your typography on Mac and iOS. It is extremely likely that these will be available on Bear 2 as well.

So maybe hold your horses a little before judging.

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In addition to what KillerWhale wrote:

Panda isn’t meant to be used for daily work. It’s a beta software designed to test the new editor and its functions that will be implemented into Bear 2. It’s not a complete software package like Bear. If you need adjustable text size and other features, use the current version of Bear and wait for the feature complete Bear 2 (and its beta).

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Well, in that case, I don’t see text size as much of an issue. I, and a lot of others use it just fine. If you are talking about Mac, command +/- does the job for you. It has been implemented a couple betas back.

We all agree on this, but Panda is not meant to be a full product right now. Bear already has (and still will with the v2) many typography settings that can tweak many aspect of the text, be assured that Panda will have those too :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the encouraging answers!

As a beta tester of more than 20 years standing on all kinds of apps I still puzzle over this comment:

Panda isn’t meant to be used for daily work.

What became of testing in a regular use-case situation? And if it doesn’t work, for doing work…?

Looking forward to a usable Bear 2 on iOS!


That’s what Bear 2 is for. The Bear 2 beta is what we would call a typical beta software. Panda is just a beta for a specific piece of the full experience (the editor). That’s why the UI and UX of Panda feels so incomplete, because that’s what it is.
If you ask me the way the team handled Panda and the new Bear beta is quite smart. Panda allowed them to focus on the most important thing of Bear, the editor, and now they can focus on the UI and UX.

BUT I can totally understand where you’re coming from. If the Bear 2 beta wasn’t a thing, Panda wouldn’t be a satisfying way to test the new version of a software. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that clarity!