Feature request: Navigating between headings

The Table of Contents is a nice way to see the structure of your notes, but it feels unfinished in the Mac version, because you can only interact with it using the mouse, and not the keyboard, and it requires many clicks and easily breaks my flow of thinking.

What would be great would be to be able to invoke the Table of Contents using the keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+A), and then to navigate between headings simply using the arrow keys (scrolling to the heading if possible), confirming with Enter, which moves the cursor to the right of the heading line, or even better, selects the heading.

To make this even faster and more useful, it would be really nice to have two keyboard shortcuts (Cmd+Ctrl+Up Arrow, Cmd+Ctrl+Down Arrow for example) to move the cursor to the previous/next heading.

I made an Obsidian plugin a while ago to implement this, and I previously had a FoldingText plugin for years. It’s a really great way to navigate inside a note, and I feel the changes I’m suggesting would fit right into Bear.


I’d love this feature too

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