Feature request : Quickly increase indent in iOS

Hello, I’m heavily using bulleted list.

By CommonMark, Bear 2 now accepts series of :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: input as decreasing indent.
But to increase indent on iOS, we have to enter the text-styling-keyboard-view, increase indent, back to normal keyboard and continue typing.

On MacOS, we have ⇥ for increasing indent, and ⇧⇥ for decreasing (:leftwards_arrow_with_hook::leftwards_arrow_with_hook: too).

Any ideas on adding a shortcut or button for increasing indent? Something that behaves same as ⇥ on the normal keyboard would be fine.


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+1 to this.

I like how it’s done in Apple Notes: you can swipe on the bullet point to increase or decrease the indent. Very smooth.

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big +1

heavy bullet points user here. indenting is already a bit of a pain in bear 1, and looks like it’s becoming even more so on bear 2. apple notes gesture does work great.

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