Feature request: iOS app should support gestures for indenting bullets

Craft has a very nice UI for (de)indenting list items by just swiping them (while they are being edited). It’s extremely intuitive and fast. I miss this in Bear 2 – the new formatting keyboard is great, but requires several more steps/taps to do this, and breaks the regular typing flow for this very common action.


I second this. This feature is present in Apple Notes, too.

This is very cool but those gestures collide with those used to get back to the note list and open the info panel. We can slightly change the “back” gesture to work when starting on the left margin but we can’t do that for the other one.

But opening the info panel with a gesture is inactive while editing the note (when the keyboard is visible) — maybe it should be active and it’s a bug, but on the other hand why not differentiate gestures behavior between “edit mode” and “view mode”…

Would love this as well. It is really cumbersome to do nested bullets in the iOS app at the moment. This was slightly easier with Bear 1’s keyboard