Navigate through notes list/search results while inside a note (iOS)

On Mac you can just use the arrow keys to move down to the next note on the list, but I don’t think there’s a way to do this on iOS.

I love the 2 finger swipe for navigating back to your previous note, so something similar for moving through a list would be awesome.

Currently to look through a list (e.g. a tag folder) at note level, I have to go into the note, come back out and select the next note.

Some apps - e.g. Reeder RSS manager - solve this with a long pull up from the bottom to move to the next article. It’s not my favourite but it works.

A solution in Bear would be lovely.


I understand what you are suggesting. The 2 fingers gesture works with the note history and I think using something similar (with another gesture) for moving inside the note list might be confusing. The pull bottom to move next is an interesting solution but might be incomplete without a pull up to move previous and atm moment we want to reserve pull up for triggering search.

Shout out to Reeder

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