Note Navigation Improvements?


I’m looking to return to Bear after a year or so away mostly because I prefer plain text storage instead of custom databases. However, iOS sandboxes apps, so having a centralized note collection used with multiple apps is frustrating (e.g. you can’t create a new note (or append, I think) outside of the app’s sandbox. Bear is definitely the nicest of the note apps if you stay within the sandbox, so I’m back! One key, new feature to me is the super easy linking to other notes. I’m definitely looking forward to pretty code blocks.

One thing I miss from from normal editors (SublimeText, etc…) is easy note navigation. Some of these may be

  1. Obviated due to forthcoming tab support? If people do not want tabs, I think these would be useful.
    1. CTRL-TAB toggling between this note/previous note:
    2. Holding CTRL-TAB brings up a list of previous notes (JetBrains’ editors)
    3. CMD-SHIFT-"[" and “]” to move between notes/tabs. CMD-OPT left/right appears to move through note visits and can show the same note multiple times before showing all the previous notes.
  2. CMD-L for fast searching/creating new notes – very useful if you aren’t sure if you’ve created a note for something already.


CMD-L can be replaced by alfred + drgrib’s workflow but it isn’t a natural process. My 2¢, at least. Maybe I’ll get used to using the Alfred interface when I’m in Bear.

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

  1. While we don’t have any plans for tabs, you can already navigate notes back and forward -> Quickly navigate notes on iOS.

  2. This is something we already plan to add to the app, it doesn’t have a very high priority, but it will come sooner or later.