Going to the top of the note list instantly

Bear Beta seems very nice and checks most of my requirements other than backlinks which aren’t implemented yet.
While using I noticed (also in Bear 1) that if I am reading some old note which is at the bottom of the list and then have to move back to the top, there’s no other way than scrolling my way up there. It becomes very tedious for a long list of notes.
Is it possible to have an icon or something which becomes visible once I start up-scrolling, to reach to the top instantly?
Edit: Have found the answer (see comment below)

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I don’t have access to the beta yet, but does CMD + Up (arrow) achieve this?

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Hey thanks for suggesting a way. I tried. Its actually CMD+Option+Up arrow key.


@matteo @trix180

I really hope that we’ll get back the two finger tap navigation popup menu on Bear 2.0 on iPad and iPhone! – It was missing in Panda!

Screenshot from Bear-1 on iPad:

Although that’s inside a note and not related to the note list, so a bit of the topic, sorry about that …


Yes I’d love it if there was a way for this to work on mobile. I have a shortcut that brings up random old notes for review - after I’ve used it I have to scroll for ages to get back to my recent notes!
FYI the workaround I use is to click into Archived notes and back to the main Notes and that takes me back in at the top. More clicks than I’d like though :slight_smile:

Not to mention two-finger swipe to go back/forward a page. One of my favourite features.