Feature Request: Vim Keyboard Shortcuts

Vim support will let us be faster in creating notes


Really would love VIM keyboard support. Myself (as well as colleagues that I’ve gotten to use Bear notes app) use it very often. I use VIM in every editor/terminal/whatever whenever I can. Please please please add VIM support to this app.


this would be super useful! this would make my life, please consider implementing. I feel like there are no good vim notes apps and there is a big market for this


I’m sorry but no. This would require making Bear modal.


iIt doesn’t have to be modal for users who don’t want it to be modal…
As an example, Obsidian has implemented ait in such a way where you have to
1 - Manually activate the feature
2 - Prove you can actually use it by typing :wq or somethingo

If it isn’t activated, non modal obsidian users can merrily stay non modal, and modal obsidian users can finally stop stumbling with writing lines that end up looking weirdbcwmessed upVdo

pabecause they their muscle memory doesn’t discriminate between editors.:wq

There is a similar feature request for the Bear app but there is no reaction from devs as well. I would appreciate some feedback about the VIM mode idea, both in Panda and Bear. @matteo are you at least considering the implementation or is this a no go feature, please?

We’ve commented on adding a VIM mode multiple times (mostly on reddit iirc). I’m a Vim user, I love it and I understand the request, but it’s not a good fit for Bear.

Adding VIM keybinding would be a substantial effort and it would benefit a very small portion of our users, so we are not considering it for the time being.

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Curious what your setup for coding Bear is. Are you using VIM key mapping in Xcode? Or are you using NeoVim or something like that?

I don’t even know what it is.

Does anyone mind to explain in short words what vim keybinding is about?